April 2016  

    President's Message

    A Year in Review 2015-2016

    AAHU Success

    It’s been a “NEW” year.  A year of beginnings with new venues, new meeting types, new programs, membership initiatives, and operational efficiencies all introduced to accomplish our goals to:

    •          Be financially stable
    •          Build engagement
    •          Grow

    The results are outstanding with a significant amount of progress toward meeting our goals.  Our year started with a financial deficit, a core set of members building and working the chapter with few new stepping forward to participate, and declining membership.  Here is how we finalize our year in each of these areas:

    Financial stability:  As explained last year, we started the year at a $19k deficit and end solidly with a $10k+ surplus to be used for the sole benefit of our members.  We will focus on bringing more tools, resources, and programs to help members deliver superior products and services to their clients.

    Engagement – A focus on engaging a new breed of benefits consultants while serving our existing contingent is challenging.     Our new webinars, socials and meeting venues are a great start.  Moving forward, all of us must work together to understand and deliver the greatest value to members.

    Growth:  Our chapter membership totals 311, a decrease from last July’s beginning total of 325.  We’re not alone.  Other GA chapters and states are experiencing this same result due to the significant changes in our industry, e.g. consolidation, complexity and uncertainty, ACA and regulatory changes, etc..  We will all need to work together in future years to grow the chapter. 

    Annual Report Card: 

    Financial Stability:     Excellent

    Engagement               Good  

    Growth                       Fair

    Committee Reports

    • ··
    1.     Programs and Professional Development
    2.        Meetings : Total of eight chapter, webinar, or socials – 11 hours CE
    3.        Benefits Forum:  Jan. 22, full-day venue with 15 sessions – 7 hours CE
    4.        Membership
    5.        New agent outreach program initiated
    6.        Two calling blitz campaigns
    7.         Active growth strategies
    8.        Communication & Media
    9.        7  media and press releases
    10.        New website content
    11.        Public Service
    12.        Golf Tournament
    13.        Preparations for  4/21/16 –Team Tournament – Bowlmor – Atlanta
    14.        Legislation
    15.        National updates and advocacy
    16.        Active participation at the state level
    17.         Member discussions and feedback on current events and activities

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